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Human Resource & Social Security section

  1、act as legal adviser of enterprises, and help enterprises establish and perfect inner rules & regulations system in personnel, salary, and rewards & punishment, etc.?
  2、help enterprises make out and carry out employees settlement plan, in the course of reform (including establishment, reorganization, merger & acquisition, listing);(Notes: In the course of reform, especially for large state-owned enterprises, because of too many employees, with complex personnel structure, the troublesome problems are unavoidable:1, termination, expiration, sign, payment of economy compensation and social insurance charges;2, whether or not retirees after reform enter the management of social insurance organization;3, long vacation, sick leave, and retaining the position without pay & allowance, etc.We have rich experience in these aspects, and can make out feasible plan according to related laws & regulations, and policy.)?
  3、provide legal consultation in signing labour contract, and help you draft and perfect labour contract, and examine the provisions of labour contract;
  4、act as an agent of litigation & arbitration of labour contract, training, salary, insurance, working hour, and labour protection, etc. labour dispute cases;
  5、act as an agent of employer and labour union in collective negotiation, and drafting and examination of collective contract; provide legal consultation of collective negotiation between parties;?
  6、help establish labour union;?
  7、other affairs related to labour and social security laws & regulations.

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