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  Company business:?The establishment & design of home-invested enterprises, foreign-invested enterprise and joint venture, draft & revision of articles of association, financial contribution agreement, feasibility report, contract letter, and opinion letter; the assets reorganization, merger & acquisition, establishment of branches, listing and financing , etc. of home-invested enterprises, solely foreign-owned enterprises, Joint Ventures in China, foreign-invested enterprise; act as an agent of the organizations at home and abroad in full-course schematic design and assistant performance; all kinds of legal affairs in the course of enterprise business.?
Security business:?Act as legal adviser of listed company ( publisher) ,and give out law opinion letter on share issue and rationed shares ;act as legal adviser of prime underwriter, and give out verification record of prospectus and rationed shares specification; act as legal adviser of the promoter of securities investment fund and fund management company.
  Finance Business:?Involve in the establishment of agent bank, securities company, and insurance company, etc., the establishment, issue and listing of the fund, bank loan and syndicated loan, insurance, bill, guarantee, trust and financing leasing, bad assets disposition and debt reorganization, consumption credit, external loan registration and bank mortgage, and provide financing support for large key enterprises.
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