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Urumchi Branch

  Urumchi Branch,?founded in Aug.15, 2001, is a law service window in the western China and major deployment of West Development Strategy.
  With top office, efficient service and quick information system, Urumchi Branch is a famous law firm in Xinjiang Province.?
  Carrying on specialized division and abiding by professional ethics, our lawyers safeguard clients’ legitimate interests, and have good reputation.
  Scope of Business:
  Litigation & arbitration of economic cases; legal adviser; criminal defence; rich experience in finance, securities, real estate, merger & acquisition, assets reorganization, intellectual property, labour dispute, etc.?
  Major achievements:
   Acted as the defender of first-mentioned defendant in Xinjiang maximum embezzlement Case (58 million Yuan) in 2002; the whole defendant opinions were adopted by people’s court;
   Act as an agent of Xinjiang first business name right dispute case, defend business credit and save a great sum of economic loss.?
   The reorganization of Xinjiang Tuofeng Cotton Industry Co., Ltd. and Xinjiang Kefang Cotton Industry Co., Ltd.?
   Zhongyan Textile Investment Co., Ltd. purchased Xinjiang Yili Tianyi Industry Co., Ltd.
   Xinjiang Delong Co., Ltd. integrated the cotton textile industries in the Akesu area of Xinjiang, with the subject of more than 2 billion Yuan.
   The first ivory smuggling case in Xinjiang province;
   The first wine brand copyright infringement case;
   The first artwork damage compensation case;
   The first venereal diseases medical malpractice compensation case;?
   The labour dispute of Xinjiang Grain & Oil Trade Transportation Company (involving in the maximum persons);?
   The seed infringement dispute case with the max subject of more than 4 million Yuan in Xinjiang;
   Carry out, together with the court, the first corporate shares creditor right dispute case in the district;
   Urumchi Branch as one branch of Qiankun Law Firm has independent business right; Under the support of head office in legal technology, information and HR, Urumchi Branch can undertake new legal businesses in all fields.?
   Address of Urumchi Branch: Floor 12, Building B, Chengjian Plaza, No. 789, Nanhu Rd., Urumchi City, China.
 ?PC :?830063
 ?E-mail :?uqiankun@163.com?
 ?Tel :?0991-4608701/02/03/04/05/06?
 ?Fax :?0991-4608707
 ?Director :?Liu Mingchun

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