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? In 1998, “Beijing Civilized Law Firm”,“ Clean Performance Unit”and “Free-examination Law Firm” appraised by Beijing Municipal Bureau of Justice.
? In April 1999, Ju Cunxu lawyer was awarded “Beijing Top 10 Lawyers”
? In 2000, “Satisfactory Progressive Collective of Beijing Justice System”appraised by Beijing Municipal Bureau of Justice;Beijing Municipal Bureau of Personnel.
? “Enterprise Quality Right Safeguard Unit”(only 24 law firms in total all over the country, of which 4 is in Beijing;)
? “Top Law Firms”in the successive seven years.
? In 2002, “Progressive Unit in Legal Aid”
? From 1997to 2003, “Civilized Unit of Justice System”
? In 2005,“Beijing Top Law Firms”appraised by Beijing Bar Association ;
Many lawyers are appraised as “Top Lawyers”, “Golden Lawyer”and“Progressive Individual in Legal Aid”
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