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Professional Experience

(to omit the cases because of security)
Due diligence:
Entrusted by asset management companies, assets trade firms, large-scale enterprises to carry on the due diligence case to debtor, creditor and warrantor, and to give out investigation report and legal opinion letter.
Foreign Item Investigation & Legal Consultant:
Act as an agent of state-owned enterprises’ foreign investment in electrolytic aluminum, zinc mine and mining, and seller’s credit of electrolytic copper; assist inland companies’ financing in Hong Kong; act as legal adviser of foreign zinc refinery item; involve in the prophase lawyer duty investigation and the negotiation of cooperation framework agreement, take responsibility for draft, discussion and examination of related legal documents, and give out legal opinion letter and consultation opinion letter. The businesses above involve in Hong Kong, Singapore, Iran, Vietnam, Zambia, Mongolia, Australia, Britain, French, USA, and S. Africa, etc.
Public Bidding:
Act as legal adviser of bank bidding item. According to bank’s contract objective and special requirement, we carry on pointed arrangement for bidding documents from entity content to procedure safeguard to assure the bank’s due legal interests.
Company & Securities:
Act as legal adviser in company’s establishment, capital & share increase, interest transfer, merger & acquisition, reorganization, assets debt-paying , and listing, etc., and in major financing item, major contract transfer, major item bidding ; carry on lawyer witness in general meeting of shareholders, incumbency of director and supervisor.
Real Estate & Major Infrastructure Construction:
Rich experience in real estate’s development, operation, investment, financing, trust, infrastructure construction (including plaza, villa, commercial house, hotel, flat, office building, remodification of dilapidated building, and golf court), BOT & BT project, project design management, project construction management, bidding, marketing, property management and bank mortgage.
Intellectual Property:
First Hong Kong-related computer software infringement case, first-class novel medicine technology infringement case, TV play series director copyright dispute case, copyright dispute case, patent temporary protection & infringement case, Korea hot novel copyright contract dispute; act as an agent in license, feasibility analysis, consultation, and infringement investigation of patent & non-patent technology and registered brand, and in the protection of computer software and business secret.
Human Resource & Social Security:
Act as company’s labour law adviser, for example, assist company & institution in establishment and perfection of labour personnel, salary, rewards & punishment; help company make out and carry out staff settlement plan in the course of company’s reform (including establishment, reorganization, merger & acquisition, and listing); draft and perfect labour contract, and check labour contract provision; cope with arbitration & litigation affairs of labour dispute cases, e.g. labour contract, training, insurance, man-hour, and labour protection; represent employer and union to involve in collectivity negotiation, to draft and check collectivity contract, and to give legal advise to collectivity negotiation; help company establish union; act as an agent of the sizable company in the case of labour dispute and litigation.
International Trade:
Multinational corporation multi-frequency roaming high-speed paging network equipment quality dispute case; Germany import heat-conducting oil-furnace explosion quality dispute arbitration case; (Hong Kong)ore export contract payment dispute case; outward documentary bills dispute case; import contract dispute case; rich experience in foreign contract dispute arbitration & litigation, and familiar with anti-dumping business.
Taiwan-related Law Service:
Act as permanent legal adviser of Taiwan-invested company; act as an agent of economy dispute case under the jurisdiction of the people’s court, and of Taiwan company’s anti-dumping case in Beijing; provide the consultation on investment into mainland for Taiwan company; transact Taiwan senior officer heritage case; Taiwanese property custody case in China mainland.
Litigation & Arbitration:
Over the past 10-odd years, Qiankun Law Firm has acted as an agent of some master, complicated, and novel cases. Some novel cases have been listed in the teaching materials of classic cases of Beijing Universities, etc., including in real estate, trade mark, patent, copyright, business secret & credit, foreign cases, anti-dumping cases, contributive dispute, guarantee dispute, arbitration & litigation labour contract dispute, foreign labour dispute, etc.
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