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Due diligence team:
Directed by senior lawyer with 20-year lawyer experience, and composed of lawyers and lawyer assistants with rich experience in bank account, management account, taxation and business administration.

Foreign item investigation and legal adviser team :
Directed by senior lawyer who majors in international economy law and has international businessman qualification, and composed of foreign lawyers and their assistants who are good at English, Korean, and Arabic.

Intellectual property protection team :
Directed by senior lawyer with the qualification of patent agent and patent assets valuation, and composed of some lawyers familiar with patent, trademark, copyright, protection against unfair competition, and technical contract; master global latest intellectual right law information and academic research trend, possess full knowledge reserve, and can deal with any complicated & novel cases; rich experience in the intellectual right protection, including copyright, trademark and patent, etc., unique research and outstanding achievements in E-commerce, and business secret, etc.

Real estate and infrastructure construction project team :
Composed of some professional lawyers who involved in real estate at the earliest and have the experience as general engineer in real estate company, with rich experience in the law affairs of real estate development and large infrastructure construction.

Public bidding team :
Engage in bank bidding service, and involve in extensive fields; According to related materials and requirement that bank provides, carry on total design for bidding item to safeguard bank’s lawful benefit and avoid potential risks.

Company & security team :
Composed of the lawyers with the qualification of security industry, of whom key lawyers have over 20 years experience; staffed with some lawyers and assistants with rich experience in finance and accounting, taxation, business administration, listing, state-owned enterprise management.

Human Resource & social security team:
Directed by senior lawyer who does research into industrial Law deeply and has rich experience in dealing with the labour relationship of large enterprise, organs and public institution, and composed of some lawyers with rich experience engaged in administrative work in central state organs, large enterprise and foreign invested company. So far we lead the country in the labour law affairs.

Taiwan-related law affair team :
Composed of the lawyers who keep sound relationship with Taiwan enterprises, businessmen and lawyers; know very well about Taiwan-related policy, laws & regulations in the China mainland, and Taiwan laws, policy and action procedure; rich experience in Taiwan enterprises’ investment into China mainland, legal adviser of Taiwan enterprise in China mainland, and Taiwan senior officer heritage case.

Litigation & arbitration team:
Directed by senior lawyer with rich experience in civil action, economy arbitration and criminal defense; rich experience in lawsuit & arbitration makes sure that we can safeguard clients’ lawful interest.

Resource Exploitation and Utilization Team:
Composed of the experienced lawyers specialized in the resource exploitation and utilization field, they are familiar with the laws, regulations, policies related to the entrusted affairs, could help the clients win more opportunities in the resource and environment protection field and assist the clients fully enjoy the preferential policy and many subsidies.

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